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Live Coverage of Apple 'Latest Creation' (Tablet) Event

Here are some sites with live coverage of Apple's tablet event:


- They're calling it iPad!

  • 9.7 inch IPS Display
  • 0.5 inch thin, 1.5 pounds
  • 16-64GB
  • 1 GHz Apple A4 chip
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, WiFi 802.11n
  • Accelerometer, Compass, Speaker, Microphone, 30-pin connector
  • 10 Hour battery life
  • Runs almost all iPhone apps
  • iBooks app and iBookStore
  • iWork apps $10 each
  • 3G version
  • 16GB/32/64 : $499/599/699 WiFi, $629/729/829 WiFi +3G
  • AT&T 3G service for U.S. : No Contract, $15 upto 256MB/month, $30 unlimited; International deals coming this summer
  • All 3G models are unlocked, use with any GSM carrier with microSIMs
  • WiFi version to ship in 60 days, WiFi + 3G 90 days

Round-up of iPhone and iPod Products at CES

iProng has a nice collection of iPhone and iPod products from CES 2010. Included are products from Scosche, Case-Mate, On-Star and more.

Go check it out...

Belkin Releases Bluetooth Music Receiver

Belklin has released the Bluetooth Music Receiver ($50) which connects to your home stereo system and allows you to listen to music from your iPhone (all versions) or iPod touch (2nd and 3rd gen). The device is shipping now in the U.S. and expected to ship in March 2010 in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


  • Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR for superior performance
  • Transmits up to 33 ft. away
  • Includes 3.5mm-to-RCA and 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cables
  • Compatible with all devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth, including:
    iPhone 3GS, 3G, and first generation
    iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generation

More info...

CopyTrans 4 Released

CopyTrans 4, the latest version of WindSolutions popular transfer/backup/recovery tool for Windows, has been released.


  • 16x faster iTunes transfer - Revolutionized music and video backup
  • "Smart Backup": transfer only needed information - 100% Duplicate Proof
  • For all iPhones and iPods
  • Now supports Voice Memos and Home Made Videos & MMS Videos
  • Imports Smart Playlists and all track meta tags, including "Date Added"
  • iTunes 9 compatible
  • Designed for Windows 7, XP & Vista (32 & 64-bits)

More info...

Joe Hewitt: Apple Should Eliminate App Store Review Process

Joe Hewitt, iPhone developer at FaceBook, writing on his personal blog:

I'd like to add my voice to the stream of complaints about the iPhone App Store, but before I say anything critical, I have to promise one thing. No matter how annoyed I get, I will not stop developing for Apple's platforms or using Apple's products as long as they continue to produce the best stuff on the market. I never forget how deeply Apple cares about making their users happy, and that counts more than how they treat their developers. Besides, when I have a problem with a friend, I don't threaten to boycott our friendship until they change, so I'm not going to do that to Apple either.

Having said that, I have only one major complaint with the App Store, and I can state it quite simply: the review process needs to be eliminated completely.

Read it all...

iProng: Interview with The 88

Our friends at iProng Magazine have an interview with The 88, who recorded their latest single directly on iPhone:

The 88 is a band from Los Angeles. Their upbeat brand of music has been featured on The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother. Recently, they have made headlines by being the first band to record a single, the song “Love is the Thing,” directly onto an iPhone.

How hard was it to using an iPhone as opposed to a more traditional way of recording?

It was super easy. Everything on a Mac and on an iPhone is very user-friendly. It was just like you’d imagine. Everything is very self-explanatory; you don’t need any manuals or to be a recording engineer genius to figure it out. Anybody can do it. And we kept that theme of “anybody can do this” and did it very simply with cheap instruments – the drummer used a toy drum set, the bass player ran his bass through a practice guitar amp. I played keyboards on a cheap $150 keyboard. We didn’t use any microphones at first and just used the built-in microphone to record everything. I did a mix of that and it sounded cool but the lead vocals sounded a little bit distant. It still had a very unique sound and I thought it was pretty cool, but we also thought it might make it even more intimate to try to use a microphone going directly into the phone to do the lead vocal. So we did a little more research and I found a thing Alesis called Pro Track. And with that you hook your phone into it and you can hook a microphone into that. So we re-recorded the lead vocal into that to get a more close up feel. And I think it came out really great. But all the other tracks were recorded using the built-in mic, which actually is a decent mic. It picks up everything really nicely. It’s a lot better than I expected.

Full interview...


WindSolutions: CopyTrans Manager Adds iPhone 3G S Support

WindSolutions has added iPhone 3G S support to their iTunes alternative for Windows, CopyTrans Manager.


  • Ultra light, fast & portable alternative iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch manager
  • Take control of iPod, iPhone, iTouch without iTunes
  • Add songs to iPod, create & edit playlists from any computer
  • Can be installed on iPod to manage music on-the-go
  • Play iPod music directly on any computer

More info and download...

iPhone OS 3.0 Released

Apple has released iPhone OS 3.0. The update is available through iTunes. iPhone users get OS 3.0 for free, however, iPod touch users will be charged $9.95.


  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Landscape Keyboard
  • MMS (some carriers)
  • Spotlight Search
  • Voice Memos
  • Buy Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks
  • Enhanced Stocks App
  • Internet Tethering (some carriers)
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Shake to Shuffle
  • MobileMe Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe
  • More...

WindSolutions: CopyTrans & CopyTrans Photo - Compatible with iPhone OS 3.0

WindSolutions has announced that their popular iPod/iPhone transfer tools, CopyTrans and CopyTrans Photo, are fully compatible with iPhone OS 3.0:

WindSolutions is proud to announce, with a couple of days advance on the official release by Apple Inc., that both of our flagship products - CopyTrans & CopyTrans Photo - will fully support the new iPhone and iPod Touch firmware version 3 and devices using it.

Full press release after the jump.

WindSolutions Releases CopyTrans Manager v0.824 - Free iTunes Alternative For Windows

WindSolutions has released CopyTrans Manager, a free alternative to iTunes for managing your iPod/iPhone.


  • Full support of all iPods and iPhones (incl. iPhone 3G)
  • No installation required
  • Portable: copy CopyTrans Manager directly on iPod and use on any computer
  • Full support of music, podcast, audiobook, video and movie show transfers
  • Automatic import of artworks when adding tracks
  • Support of tag editing, both inline and through the dedicated tag editor
  • Integrated music player
  • Supports all track meta-data (genres, ratings, play counts, etc.)
  • Powerful track browser (genres, albums, artists, search)
  • Incredibly fast overall utilization

YouTube demo video
More info...

WWDC '09 Keynote

WWDC '09 Highlights:

- iPhone 3Gs: Ships June 19th in US and select countries, will be in 80 countries by August
- iPhone 3Gs: Available in black or white 16GB $199, 32GB $299; iPhone 3G 8GB $99 (prices with contract)
- iPhone 3Gs: Compass, built-in Nike+
- iPhone 3Gs: Voice Control
- iPhone 3Gs: Video API
- iPhone 3Gs: Voice dialing
- iPhone 3Gs: Edit and share videos
- iPhone 3Gs: 3.2 MP camera with autofocus, video capture (30fps), auto white balance
- iPhone 3Gs: 7.2Mbps HSDPA
- iPhone 3Gs: same design
- iPhone 3Gs: the 's' is for speed
- iPhone OS 3.0: Developers get Golden Master today
- iPhone OS 3.0: Available June 17th, Free upgrade for iPhone users; iPod touch $9.95
- iPhone OS 3.0: TomTom demoing turn-by-turn navigation app
- iPhone OS 3.0: Tethering over USB or BlueTooth, requires carrier support, 22 carriers supporting, AT&T not mentioned...
- iPhone OS 3.0: Rent/Buy movies/tv directly
- iPhone OS 3.0 event recap - copy/paste, landscape mode across built-in apps, MMS...
- iPhone + iPod touch: over 40 million sold
- iPhone: 50,000 apps, 1 million SDK downloads
- Snow Leopard $29 for Leopard owners (intel), available in September
- QuickTime X, new interface, trim/share videos
- Safari 4 available today for Leopard, Tiger, Windows Vista and XP
- MacBook Air update, price cut, $1499 (1.83 GHz / 2GB DDR3/ 120 GB HD), $1799 (2.13 GHz / 2GB DDR3 / 128 GB SSD)
- New 13" MacBook Pro standard models at $1199, $1499 (2.26 GHz, 2.53 GHz), SD slot, FireWire 800
- 17" MBP $300 price drop, now $2499
- 15" MBP standard models at $1699, $1999, $2299 (2.53 GHz, 2.66 GHz, 2.8 GHz)
- New 15" MacBook Pro - Built-in 7hr battery, No ExpressCard slot, SD slot

ezGear Releases Video Cable for iPod and iPhone

ezGear has released an A/V cable for iPod and iPhone ($40), it includes a USB cable for charging and syncing as well as composite video and line-out audio RCA connections:

The ezGear Video Cable for iPod includes an iPod dock connector on one end and four connectors on the other end: Video Signal, Left Audio Channel, Right Audio Channel, and USB Connector. The Video and audio connectors connect to your TV, the USB port allows you to charge your iPod while you watch. The ezGear Video Cable is three feet long and shielded to reduce interference. The ezGear Video Cable is Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified and is made of high quality components to ensure a strong clean signal for better image and audio quality. ezGear also offers a video extension cable that extends the video cable from 3 feet to 6 feet.

More info...

iPhone OS 3.0 Event Highlights

Live coverage of Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 event is available from the from the following sites:

Here are some of the highlights:

  • End User: Free update for iPhone coming this summer, 1st gen will have some limitations due to hardware (no MMS, A2DP). iPod touch upgrade $9.95
  • Developers: iPhone OS 3.0 beta available to all today (???)
  • Stereo audio over BlueTooth (A2DP)
  • Spotlight system wide search
  • Voice, enhanced,
  • New built-in apps and upgrades
  • MMS
  • Forward, delete SMS
  • Multiple photo selection (you know, for the email...)
  • Landscape mode support for key apps: Mail, SMS, etc...
  • Cut/Copy/Paste within and across apps
  • 100 new features for end user...
  • Demos from Oracle, ESPN, Smule, ngmoco
  • Streaming media support over HTTP, bandwidth optimized
  • Access media library from apps
  • Email directly from app, access to Proximity sensor (not just for Google anymore),
  • Still NO to background apps
  • Push notification finally ready
  • Turn-by-turn GPS navigation now possible but developers must supply own maps, can't use Google maps
  • Maps API allows devs easy access to Google maps
  • Hardware interface, developers can make apps that talk to hardware over dock connector, BlueTooth
  • Peer-to-peer APIs make it easier for developers to build multi-user apps, Bonjour based
  • In-app sales - buy more levels, upgrades from inside an application (paid apps only)
  • iPhone OS 3.0 to include 1000 new APIs

SiK Introduces pimp Car Charger With Line-Out

SiK has released a new car charger with line-out audio, it's called pimp ($55) and expected to begin shipping by March 18th:

Apple To Offer Glimpse Of iPhone OS 3.0

Apple has scheduled a press event on March 17th to show off features of iPhone OS 3.0. Details are scarce, but it's safe to assume significant enhancements will be announced. Release of the third generation iPhone is expected in June, and it's anticipated that iPhone OS 3.0 will be released at the same time.

The iPhone 3.0 press event is scheduled for 10 AM PST in the Town Hall auditorium at Apple's Cupertino campus.


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